Guitar Picks

I liked this site a lot. Really fun looking stuff. Anyway, they had a few guitar pick sites that I thought were pretty interesting. Wow, I’ve sunk to a new low…I’m finding guitar picks interesting now.

The first was Hot Picks. They had some “scary” looking skull picks. Which I thought were pretty lame. I did, however, like their motion picks. They change images when you move them. Like pogs. Remember Pogs? Hot Picks had designs like the alien head breaking open, the shark attack, burning skull, etc. You get the jist. I also like their website.

The second was the Pickard. Captain Pickard? No, it’s a credit card with four picks cut out. You’re supposed to carry it in your wallet for an “emergency.” What? Just in case the last minute, late night, back alley, guitar showdown breaks out?

You can even put the picks back after use. That’s not a bad idea. There are a few different designs to choose from. Skulls, flags, panther, hamburger, rising sun, Jesus, Canadian flag, etc. Their site doesn’t ever give the price…which leads me to believe they’re overpriced.

Pickard’s website kinda cracks me up, there is a “Look Who’s Talking” section with band testimonials. They have such legendary bands as Crunchy Frog, Another Man’s Trash, and The Morsels talking about how Pikcard rescued them with an emergency pick. Classic.

Check out Pickard and Hot Picks, they are both worth the surf over.…