Christmas Gift Ideas for Musicians

Every year at Christmas, I look forward to getting some new music equipment. I give my wife a detailed list with part numbers, websites and prices so she knows exactly what to get me. I also price stuff from $1 to $200, just to be realistic.

Some ideas to get the musician in your life would be:

:: Guitar Picks
:: Guitar Strings
:: Effects Pedals
:: Guitar Straps
:: Tuner
:: Cables
:: Microphone
:: Drum Machine
:: Headphone Amp
:: Mic Stands
:: Ebow
:: Flat screen monitor
:: Headphones
:: Guitar
:: Drum equipment
:: Tamborine/other percussion stuff
:: Software plugins
:: Fog Machine
:: Outboard gear
:: Guitar stand
:: Keyboard/synth stuff
:: Cool lamps and stuff to decorate the studio

These are just a few of the things I’m asking Santa to bring me. I’m sure there are more than I forgot, post some in the comments if you have any good ones.

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